What are the benefits of having a wireless baby monitor?

What are the benefits of having a wireless baby monitor?


Nowadays having the baby monitor helps parents to watch their baby from another room. There is no need to stay with your baby while they are sleeping. Also, it will allow parents to watch their baby wherever they are in their house whether that is from the balcony cool double strollers, kitchen, or living room. To use a wireless baby monitor all you need is a wireless router and a mobile phone with a stable internet connection to download the corresponding application. These wireless baby monitors will give peace of mind to the parents when they are away from their baby. 


One of the best benefits of having a wireless baby monitor is parents can hook multiple cameras to the system. Also, it is compatible with new technologies like sound speakers. And the high-quality camera provides a clear color picture during the daytime and a night. Even parents can zoom up to eight pixels. So you can see the small things that close to your baby. Likewise, you can monitor whether your baby’s eyes are opening or not. Some baby monitor has just seven ounces and it is two to four inches height. So the monitor with all of these qualities is low in cost and makes use of it. 

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Why it is important to know something about the baby monitor?


It is necessary to know some of the kid-related things if you are a new mom-to-be. Knowing about these gadgets after your baby’s born is not a good idea because buying these gadgets before your baby’s arrival will make you patient. So you can do whatever you want to do without any fear about your new-born baby. Also, another name of this baby monitor is baby alarm because it is a radio system used to listen to the noise made by your baby. And an audio monitor that consists of a transmitter with a microphone placed near to your baby. 

It transmits the noise by radio waves to the receiver with a good speaker even some baby monitor provides two-way communication which allows mom to speak back to the baby while they are crying. Some play melodic music that is loved by every baby to make them calm. Also, a baby monitor with a camera and speaker is called a baby cam. And many doctors believes a baby monitor is a good gadget every parent must carry this gadget with them. 

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Difference between wired and wireless baby monitor:


Mostly, wired baby monitor contains so many installation processes and it needs several cables to connect with the camera. But wireless baby monitor requires no more installation process. Wired monitor need Ethernet, copper, and optical fibres to install but wireless baby monitor works with radio waves and microwaves. Wired baby monitor is limited to operate and it covers only a particular distance. But wireless baby monitor is limitless and it will cover more distance. And the quality of service of these two is better than any gadget. But a wireless baby monitor is more expensive than a wired baby monitor so make use of it.

Why you shouldn’t post these 8 photos of your kids on social media

Why you shouldn’t post these 8 photos of your kids on social media

We live connected to the Internet and to others through social networks. It is becoming more and more common and normal to take photographs of our children and post them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …, but parents must take some measures so that this is not dangerous for children. For example, parents who want to publish photos of their children on social networks, it is important that they have good privacy settings activated so that the images do not circulate on the Internet without their consent or fall into the hands of strangers.

But, regardless of the privacy of the photos on your social networks, there are moments that should remain private (private? I doubt) and that it is NEVER a good idea for you to share with others over the Internet. There are images that are best kept for family privacy to avoid exposing children to shame or making them a target for pedophiles. But, what moments are those that should be kept in family privacy forever? We give you 8 examples.


Any photograph in which your child is completely or partially naked is not an image for other people to see. It is possible that you live that moment as very tender and adorable, but if that image falls into the wrong hands it can be dangerous. Too many people should be in jail for having pornographic images of children.

When they are sick or injured

As parents, it is our job to protect children, but not to take advantage of them to earn some ‘likes’ on the Internet. Ask yourself: ‘Would you like someone to post pictures of you on the Internet while you are sick or feeling terrible?’ The answer is probably NO. Well, with that answer you already know what you have to do when your child is sick: take care of him and keep the mobile camera.

Making a fool of yourself

Maybe when your child is making a fool of himself it seems something funny and you want to share it to have a laugh … But we are talking about your children and perhaps over the years it will not seem so funny that others remember or have in their power that kind of images. Feeling shame violates the trust between parents and children, but it can even generate post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety in the future of your children’s lives.

On the urinal or toilet

The photographs of your children in the toilet or on the potty should remain in the family and private memory. The consequences of putting them on the Internet can be bad, also, what do you think your child will think when he sees in the future that there is an image of him on the Internet doing his business?

Private details

It is ESSENTIAL to keep children safe by never sharing their full names, addresses, where they go to school, if they are being cared for by babysitters at home… You cannot know who could use that information or what for. Unfortunately, there are bad people in the world, just as there are good ones, but it will always be worth preventing.

Group images with other children

If you want to share images of your children on the Internet, it is your decision, but do not make that decision for other parents and avoid publishing images of other children since their parents may feel uncomfortable or angry when they see them later on social networks. If you want to upload an image of someone else’s child, you will ALWAYS have to ask their respective parents for permission.

Suffering bullying

Can you imagine how these types of images could affect your child emotionally and also at school? You will be showing his vulnerability, his fear, everyone will know what they do to him at school … If you publish that type of images, anyone will feel capable of doing it and even humiliating him in public. The repercussions on your child’s social life can be fatal.

Unsafe activities

Maybe some unsafe situations for your children seem funny such as picking up a bottle of alcohol or having it on your lap while you drive without any security … But no, it is not funny. These situations, in addition to being unsafe, can bring you serious and even legal problems.